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Social Network Mining

The SONEMA application provides Brand awareness & Reputation Management.

The SOcial NEtwork MAnager (SONEMA) Platform allows finding and evaluating the conversations that take place in the Social Networks (e.g. facebook, twitter) and are related with a particular subject (name, place, situation, commercial product etc). The platform provides statistics for a defined subject, with graphical representations, based on e.g. historical, geographical data, as well as sentiment analysis.


The developed platform incorporates Business Intelligence characteristics that is able to find:

  • local extremes that might constitute an anomaly

  • the occurrence of a term in correlation with others etc.


The end goal of the solution is to offer alerts based on events of statistical importance

  • i.e. more mentions/posts/tweets than average regarding a specific venue

  • or (in a SmartCity context) mentions about e.g. fire or floods in the area of proximity of one of the above events or facilities

Such alerts are handled by the agents of Cloud4Smart Platform.  

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