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Social Network Monitoring

Social Network Monitoring is used to analyse real time information send by public in social networks, using certain key words, to improve decision making and guidance.


The central page is a dashboard page, gathering the required information for a specific term like “Anoeta Stadium”.





















There is an overview of the followers/fans at the Twitter & Facebook for today/ last 7 days/ last 30 days/ last year to date that have used/mentioned the selected term.









Various graphical representations are available concerning Tweets analysis,














Friends/ Favorite/ Followers analysis,














Mentions analysis for the last 8 days,


















and Fan/Where Here/Talking About analysis,
















in preferred “zoomable” time series intervals.



The user can also see the latest tweets about the term as well as a sentiment analysis produced for every tweet in the database referring to a specific term. 













An Alert panel is also available to inform about predefined events that can be configured based on the projects needs. 














The “Influence” page gives information about the influencers and influences for the selected term and evaluates them in a daily/ weekly/ monthly base, with the help of Klout score.



















For a specific influencee there is a visual analysis, for interpreting the Klout score.


























On the page “Demographics” there are information about Checkins as well as likes/Tips for the selected term “Anoeta Stadium” and also a map displaying geographically the results for the term.











































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