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Smart Cities

Cities are nowadays characterized by the presence of a set of disaggregated heterogeneous application silos, which are in most cases operated by different administrative entities/ parties. In most cases, these applications tend to evolve independently of each other and enhancement to existing smart city applications rely on heterogeneous platforms and architectures.


Telesto has designed and developed the “Cloud4Smart” platform that enables the convergence and integration of diverse silos applications and services within the smart city (e.g public bicycles management, based on the traffic load)


Cloud4Smart” platform provides a framework for building complex, cloud-enabled, sensor applications that allows:

  • The processing and displaying of gathered sensor data
  • The usage of any type of sensor technology, data transmission network or structure of transmitted information, with no restriction on the heterogeneity of the data
  • The intelligent analysis of received data for the extraction of useful conclusions for users
  • The usage of offered services by any third party based on appropriate prototype interfaces for the data exchange & interconnection of IoT “Cloud4smart” applications to the Cloud
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Technical Specifications


Τhe “Cloud4Smart” framework provides an OGC compatible sensor data model (O&M), standard based services also based on OGC, tools to manage sensors metadata and theirs values in a PaaS Cloud environment, the mechanisms to define sensor generated events and libraries, tools and techniques to easily integrate new sensors systems and simple reusable widgets that enable the out-of the box visualization of sensor data.


Architecturally, it is component-based following the SOA principles, allowing easy extensibility and integration in third party solutions.





















Technically the loosely-coupled distinct components are provided within Linux containers, allowing the system's scaling in a cloud environment. It is based on Java and adopts well established open source technologies such ActiveMQ, Fabric8, Drools and Liferay. The cloud functionality is provided by emerging cloud technologies such as Docker and Kubernetes. The framework can be integrated and extended in third party solutions, providing the sensor functionality and the tools to create sensor based application and query sensor data. Possible applications can be integration of SCADA systems, Data Analysis systems etc


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