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City App - Collaborative application for improving the city

The smartphone application CITY APP refers to municipalities that want to actively engage their citizens, on the important issues of the city. It is an innovative approach fully compatible with the priority axes of “Digital agenda 2020” of EU for Smart Cities. The application has a user friendly interface that enables citizens to address city problems, to use city services (transportations, portal), to identify themselves by using the “Citizen Card”, to be informed about “what is happening in the city”, to submit new ideas for improving the city’s services etc The application provides a map of the region for the localization of public interest services such as City Hall, local businesses, cultural organizations, sport facilities etc


















Important news and announcements of the municipality are forwarded to citizens with similar interests, as defined in the application registration, with the help of push notifications to the citizen’s smartphones, minimizing this way the use of sms messages and reducing the cost for the municipality.


The application effectively promotes the regional businesses with the use of suggested POIs - Points of Interest, like local shops, restaurants, small family businesses etc that are categorized and presented in the local city guide. Additionally with the help of smartphones, citizens can make use of coupons that are provided by advertized businesses, enhancing this way the local economic development and offering a new innovative approach for the promotion of products/ services of the city.


The City App is supported by the “Cloud4Smart” platform that was developed by Telesto Technologies, which is responsible for the collection and processing of the city data concerning environmental measurements, mobility and safety information for the citizens, indicators for the quality of life in the city. The application enables convergences and integration of diverse silo applications and services within the smart city, relying on heterogeneous platforms and architectures (eg public bicycles management, based on the traffic load or CCTV camera surveillance based on the lighting).

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