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"SMART" R&D Project 

“Search engine for MultimediA enviRonment generated contenT (SMART)” - FP7 EU funded project (Grant Number: 287583) –
The main goal of the SMART project was to research and implement a next generation multimedia search engine that will be able to search information stemming from the physical world. The SMART engine is able to answer queries based on the intelligent collection and combination of sensor generated data, based on sensors and sensor processing algorithms that match the context at hand.
The matching of the queries with sensor and sensor processing algorithms (notably audio and video processing algorithms) is based on the sensors’ context and metadata (e.g., location, state, capabilities), as well as on the dynamic context of the physical world as the later is perceived by the sensor processing algorithms (such as face detectors, person trackers, classifiers of acoustic events, crowd analysis components and more).
Furthermore, SMART is able to leverage social network information in order to facilitate social queries over a multitude of sensor data.
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