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Security & Safety

Telesto has invested in providing IoT security and safety solutions for a variety of IoT environments like buildings, airports, malls, cruise ships etc, as well as for critical infrastructures and wide areas.


Humans could be overwhelmed by fast changes of potentially dangerous incidents/disasters occurring at confined environments with mass-gathering. They could fail to make objective decisions to find their way to safety that may lead to mass panic and make emergency management more challenging. The dynamic capture of situational awareness concerning crowds in specific mass gathering venues and its intelligent enablement into emergency management information systems, using smart communication devices and spaces is critical for achieving rapid, timely guidance and safe evacuation of people out of dangerous areas.


As seen in the case studies below, the company uses smart spaces of electronic, audio and other mobile devices connected to an integrated system as to provide safer evacuation routings for people in a cruise ship. A system to identify man overboard situations on board passenger ships, by analyzing video streams from onboard cameras in near real time has also been developed. Additionally, Telesto has also developed the C2 (Command & Control) Platform, that combines and extracts real-time information to facilitate situation awareness and mission execution in case of a disaster.


Case Sudies










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