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On-the-Spot FMS

On-The-Spot FMS is an integrated fleet management solution, which allows companies relying on transportation, to minimize the risks associated with vehicle investment, improving efficiency, productivity and reducing their overall transportation and staff cost.


Real Time Data

The platform allows real time tracking of vehicles on digital maps and real time information about vehicle’s speed, direction of movement, acceleration, engine status e.t.c. The platform can also read and store data from multiple sensors (e.g. temperature, truck door status, fuel tank level) and present them as reports or graphs, for a selected period of time.  


Geo-fence zones

The system allows users to draw multi geo-fence zones (rectangular or circle) around places of interest, customers sites, secure areas e.t.c.. When a vehicle enters or exits a geo-fence area, the operator can receive a generated notification, a warning or alert.


Route History

On-the-spot FMS, store vehicle routes with complete analysis, including reports about stops and visits to points-of-interest (e.g. customers). Using the platform, the manager of the fleet can be certain that the planned route has been followed, without unnecessary stops or diversions.  



The system’s equipment consists of small and portable GPS devices, which   are placed in the vehicle and by using the GSM/GPRS network, they send periodically predefined data, concerning the position (device coordinates) and status of the vehicle. It has a rechargeable battery inside and special controller for power management. When there is no GPS/GPRS connection, the devices can store up to 7.500 records, that will be resented when the connection is restored. 



The manager of the platform can view and extract detailed statistics about travelled distances, fuel consumptions, points-of-interest that are visited more frequently/ or do not, top speeds e.t.c. with a reference to a vehicle or a driver and within any period of time. Those reports can be very helpful for the routing and management of the fleet.


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