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"ODYSSEUS" R&D Project 

“Unobtrusive Technologies for Secure and Seamless Border Crossing for Travel Facilitation - ODYSSEUS", Horizon Europe (Grant Number: 101073910) -

ODYSSEUS will empower citizens to seamlessly, without pausing cross the border, and will also lessen the workload and increase Border Guard Authorities’ productivity and effectiveness through a comprehensive risk analysis. In addition, ODYSSEUS aims to take advantage of the digital technology, leveraging innovative tools for secure identity verification and non-intrusive vehicle, luggage, and cargo checks, enabling the Border Authorities to reduce lengthy delays at border areas. On the one hand, travelers will be able to traverse borders by utilizing the capabilities of their smartphones in respect of robust, ongoing multi-behavioral and biometric continuous user identity verification. On the other hand, Board Authorities will be enhanced with ODYSSEUS framework, being able to remotely carry out the necessary border inspections and controls by using UAVs and X-rays to check vehicles and luggage, and make travel easier for citizens.
TELESTO, as a technical partner, will be in charge of faceless GDPR compliant travelers’ counting, and of developing a situation awareness module. Notably, a unique privacy-preserving method for counting individuals inside or outside of a certain location will be performed, providing alert when travelers entrance to forbidden areas, and estimating the average travelers’ dwell time, through notification to Board Authorities.
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