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Broadband & Wireless

Telesto offers a complete line of solutions for high speed wireless networks that support the concretization of networks of voice, picture, video, and data, with high rhythms of transmission and the biggest degree of security and reliability, while it is in position to offer a big range of solutions for regularly and mobile wireless broadband networks.


The local access Wi-Fi wireless networks present a rapid spread because of the continuously decreased cost of possession and installation of equipment. Telesto faces the needs for networks of local access in private individuals and institutions of public administration, with completed and systematic approach and tales into consideration the reliability the safety and the quality of networks.


Telesto provides all kinds of network solutions for every kind of organisms (offices, manufactures, enterprises with subsidiary companies) that they allow the uniform support of their installed applications (local installation of economic management in the accounts department, installation of base of data with personal etc.), the unification of enterprising network and the homogeneity in the benefit of services, taking into consideration the protection of investment, the reliability and the availability.


Solutions offered by Telesto Ltd. cover the entire life cycle of a project, from its very beginnings of needs analysis to the final phase of network implementation and support (TurnKey Solutions). In details, solutions specialization concerns not only network planning, implementation and support, but also services and solutions for different systems interconnection to a unified communications network, consisting of wireless broadband access to public internet or business intranet, telephony and videoconference services.


Since its foundation in 2004, TELESTO has successfully completed more than 22 projects in the area of design and development of broadband networks and services for Municipalities and Prefectures all over Greece and particularly has developed more than 180 broadband wireless installations in buildings, as well as 120 wireless hotspots in public places (airports, ports, squares etc), which provide advanced services to their users (e.g. meteorology, fleet management and telemetry, precision farming processes).

Telesto Technologies Ltd is a Cambium Networks Authorized Connected Partner
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